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   Cookie Policy

The Cookie Policy notice provides information about different types of cookies and similar technologies (collectively, “cookies”) which are used on the websites and electronic transaction services (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Websites”), controlled and managed by The Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand (Public Organization) (“GIT”). The notice explains how GIT uses cookies, what purposes they are used for, and how you can accept and decline the uses of these cookies.

  1. What Are Cookies?

Cookies are text files of small amounts of information. GIT’s Website sends cookies to your browser. They are stored on a computer or device that you use to access the Websites. With these cookies, the Websites are able to remember settings on your device. You can see more details about cookies on

  1. How Does GIT Use Cookies?

GIT uses these cookies and other similar technologies for the following purposes.

-  To recognize information about your browser and settings, enable you to use the Websites smoothly, and enhance your experience and satisfaction in the Websites’ services.

-  To evaluate efficiency and performance of the Websites for improvement.

- To collect and analyze visitors’ accesses to the Websites and interactions with the services to help GIT understand their interests and how they use GIT’s services.

-  To enable GIT to provide a better experience in the Websites’ services and to help GIT deliver services and promotions that are more relevant to you.

GIT’s services may be offered separately on several websites. These cookies on each website may be use for the aforementioned purposes, individually or collectively. Further details on types of cookies used are featured on the Websites.

  1. What Type of Cookies Does GIT Use?

GIT’s Websites use GIT’s cookies (first-party cookies) and third-party cookies, which are specified and set by third-party service providers, for instance, third-party companies that provide additional functional properties to GIT’s Websites.

GIT used 2 types of cookies classified according to collection methods as follows.

Session Cookies are temporary cookies used to recognize you during your visit on GIT’s Websites, for example, tracking languages you set and choose. They are deleted from your computer or device when you leave the Websites or close your web browser.

Persistent Cookie are cookies which remain for a specific period or until you delete them. These cookies help GIT’ Websites recognize you and your settings when you return for the Websites’ services. They enable you to use the Websites more quickly and conveniently.

Strictly Necessary Cookies

The cookies are essential for our websites’ services as they enable you to access and use different features of the Websites and remember information you have provided through the Websites. Disabling the use of the cookies may affect your access to GIT’s key content which require the cookies.

Performance Cookies

The cookies help us understand users’ interactions with services on GIT’s Websites, pages or any popular features of the Websites. They also analyze other data. GIT uses the data to improve the Websites’ performance and to understand users’ behaviors. However, data gathered by the cookies are unidentifiable and used solely for statistical analysis. Disabling the use of the cookies may prevent GIT from acquiring the Websites’ visitor number and assessing service quality.

As indicated above, GIT’s services may be offered separately on different Websites.  Different cookies may be used on each website according to suitability and necessity for such services. GIT shall display details and information of each cookie type as well as cookies used on each service’s front page. They shall be presented as a banner message informing of cookie use with a (setting) link which you can click to see details of each cookie type used on certain services.

  How Can You Manage Cookies?

Most browsers contain a setting for automatic cookie acceptance, but you can choose to accept or decline cookies from GIT’s services at any time through the settings on your browser.

The links below will lead you to the “help” service of popular browsers. You can search for information on cookie management of your browser.

- Internet Explorer:

-  Microsoft Edge:

-  Google Chrome:

-  Firefox:

-  Safari:

-  Safari iOS:

-  Android:

However, please be advised that if you choose to disable cookie uses on your browser or device, some features of GIT’s website may not be able to function or  provide services. GIT holds no responsibility for such results. GIT has no relation with the websites and contents on the above-mentioned websites. For more information on the issue, you can refer to

  1. Linking to Third-party Websites

GIT’s Website may contain links connecting to websites or social media platforms of third parties. Also, the Website may be embedded with contents or video clips from social media platforms, i.e., YouTube or Facebook, to help you access contents and interact with other people on the social media platforms through GIT’s Websites. The third parties set and specify their own cookies on their websites or social media platforms. GIT does not take control or responsibility for such cookies. Thus, it is recommended to read their cookie policy or cookie notice.

  1. Notice Revision

The notice may be periodically revised according to circumstances. Any revisions of the notice will be announced on the Websites. GIT would suggest checking the Websites regularly.

  1. Contacting GIT

If you have any questions or concerns about the notice or any suggestions about GIT’s cookie use, you can contact GIT through:

  1. The Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand (Public Organization)

140, 140/1-3, 140/5 ITF-Tower Building, 1st-4th, and 6th Floor, Silom Road

Suriyawong, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500

Tel.: 0 2634 4999 Fax.: 0 2634 4970


  1. Personal Data Protection Officer

140, 140/1-3, 140/5 ITF-Tower Building, 1st -4th, and 6th Floor, Silom Road

Suriyawong, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500

Tel.: 0 2634 4999 ext. 611 Fax.: 0 2634 4970


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