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Year 2020

Thailand Gem & Jewelry Export Value From Jan-Apr 2020

Thailand’s gem and jewelry import from January to April 2020 stood at 2,897.14 million US dollars (89,913.26 million baht), decreasing by 22.03% (or 24.34% in baht), compared to the same period in the previous year. The Covid-19 pandemic has undermined the demand in gem and jewelry consumption both in Thailand and its trading partner countries. As a result, Thai importers slowed down their import of semi-finished and finished products.

Thailand Gem & Jewelry Export Value From Jan-Mar 2020 (Q1/2020)

Thailand’s export value of gem and jewelry products from January to March 2020 under Chapter 71* of Harmonized Tariff Schedule surged 71.85 percent (65.17 percent in Thai baht) from USD 3,166.96 million (THB 99,930.57 million) in the first 3 months of 2019 to USD 5,442.28 million (THB 165,058.21 million). It was the second most significant export product with an 8.68 percent share of Thailand’s gross exports. However, with an exclusion of unwrought or semi-manufactured gold export value, the export value of gem and jewelry products totaled at USD 1,563 million (THB 47,357.71 million), a 20.18 percent decrease (23.38 percent in Thai baht) from the same period of the previous year.

Year 2019

5 engagement ring trend to track in 2019

WP Diamonds has released its annual list of the five engagement ring styles such as Oval-shaped diamonds, Cushions diamonds, Pink diamonds, Asymmetrical and Vintage cuts. It predicts will be popular in the coming year and, to no one’s surprise, they all orbit around a central theme: everybody wants something “different.”

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