Gem & Jewelry Articles

GIT Advises to Accelerate Expansion into New Markets and Enjoy FTA Privileges

Thailand exported gem and jewelry is increasing. However, if unwrought gold is excluded, the real export value will decrease. GIT advises Thai exporters to accelerate expansion into new markets.

Opportunities for Thai Gem and Jewelry Products under AFTA

AFTA is an agreement providing trade privileges to ASEAN member countries. The primary mechanism for promoting trade among the ASEAN members is the Common Effective Preferential Tariff (CEPT).

VAT Exemption on Rough Stones, A New Supporting Measure from Government

Thai government adjusted the structure of import duty on rough stones to increase competitiveness of Thai gem and jewelry industry, to promote as an international gem and jewelry trading center.

Baht Appreciation : Impact on Thailand’s Gem and Jewelry Export

Baht appreciation should not be considered as the main factor for the change in Thailand’s gem and jewelry export value.

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