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Thai Silver Jewelry: The Luster of Contemporary Age

Silver has high level of malleability suitable for bending and forming into thin sheets. With its softness,it can’t be made into jewelry, despite of its ductility it still malleable enough to formed into jewelry pieces.

Thailand: Manufacturing and Trading Center of Fancy Sapphires, the Rainbow Stones

Thailand was once a major source of high quality rough stones, especially gemstones in the corundum group, including ruby, blue sapphire and fancy sapphire. Of these gems are called “precious stones”

Thailand as the Center of Blue Sapphires, the Best of Blue Gems

Blue sapphire is a kind of precious blue gemstones which has been in popularity and closely connected to our ways of life and beliefs for over two thousand years.

Thai Ruby, the King of Gem, Sparkling in the Global Market

Ruby, the highly valuable red stone hailed as the King of Gem, has been closely connected to different ways of life and spiritual beliefs for a long time.

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