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AR technology allows customers to experience trying on jewelry pieces in real-time as if they are at a jewelry store. Shoppers can explore or try on products and also decide on buying a product more conveniently. Such service will help promote online jewelry sales.

E-commerce has been booming all over the world throughout the pandemic. Lockdowns and store closures have caused a rapid growth in online shopping. Online Gem and jewelry trading platforms, which have broadened distribution channels to consumers around the world, are the following 5 platform.

Metaverse is the technology designed to connect the real and the virtual worlds. Each virtual world offers an opportunity for businesses or brands to advertise, organize events, launch campaigns, as well as design and sell non-fungible token (NFT) products. It offers new options for gaining revenue, raising brand awareness as well as establishing close relationships with customers.

In the present, Gemstones an important export product of Thailand and establishing its status as the world’s major gem and jewelry center. The name Chanthaburi is well known in the colored gemstone industry, if it is not because Sammuang Kaewwaen invented the heat treatment, Chanthaburi might not be one of the world’s most important gemstone trading centers as it is today. Can read his legacy in this article

With the economic fluctuation during the past two years, the investment trend is heading towards an increasing variety of alternative assets. Now the new trending digital asset called NFT is gaining interest from people around the world. Selling NFTs is one of the options chosen by professional and amateur artists as the main channel to approach their targets, where their works can be displayed and sold directly without the help of physical exhibiting venues. Thus, the NFT platform has become a practical solution during the covid-19 pandemic, resulting in its rapid growth.

Entrepreneurs have accelerated adaptations during the pandemic by exploring new trade channels and modifying company strategy to take advantage of opportunities presented by digital technology. As people’ perspectives and way of living have changed after the pandemic, the technologies have increasingly played a vital role in society and lifestyles. Such movement has brought about the Next Normal living trends, which began to expand widely and become influential to future life and economy.

Throughout 2021, global economy in general has been recovering, it could be said that 2021 is the beginning of recovery and anticipation. Thus, choosing suitable technology is essential. Moreover, growing number of digital natives who are becoming dominant buyers in online market has driven brands to shift their focus more toward marketing to the groups. What's the content As can be read in the article.

Big 4 gemstones consist of diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. They remain the most sought-after among all gemstones. People generally buy them as heirlooms, wedding gifts, and for long term speculation, consumption of the Big 4 gemstones in 2022 has been gradually recovering owing to purchasing power of the world’s key gemstone consumer markets, which are the US, Europe, China, and India.

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