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Thailand’s Role behind Colored Stones in the Global Market

Thailand is internationally recognized as the world’s leading center of colored stones manufacturing and trading with a wide range of gemstones available in various categories and sizes.

The Strong Step of Thai Silver Jewelry

Through the last decade, silver jewelry has been gaining popularity in line with fashion trends and as a result of price factor comparing with other precious metals.

Thailand as the World’s Leading Investment Destination for High-Quality Gem and Jewelry Manufacturing

Thailand is one of the world’s largest suppliers of high-quality gem and jewelry, in terms of manufacturing with outstanding designs and exquisite craftsmanship, Thailand has been internationally recognized.

Black Spinel: A Gem Waiting to Shine

Today’s mining of gem-quality blue sapphires are in limited scope, paving the way for another type of gemstones which is likely to be found together like the black spinel or “Nin” [sound in Thai Language]

Yaowaraj: The Golden Road of Thailand

Yaowaraj also known as Bangkok’s Chinatown is home to a sizable community of Thai- Chinese living and running their businesses in this area. It is one of the most important commercial roads.

Sukhothai Gold Jewelry: From Ancient Wisdom to Contemporary Craft

In spite of the increasing prices in the global market, gold still has inherent value which everyone wants to acquire.

Mae Sot: Gemstone Market on Thailand-Myanmar Border

Mae Sot market is one of the most important colored stone markets in Thailand. The area also has high growth potential due to economic expansion and the introduction of ASEAN Economic Community.

GIT Strengthens Thai Colored Stone Industry to Maintain Leadership in the Global Market

The global market has seen a steady increase in colored stone export over the last several years, GIT aims to strengthen and enhance competitiveness of Thai gem industry to maintain its leadership.

Pantone’s Colors for 2015 Revealed with Trending Colored Stones

Gem and jewelry is one ofthe products in fashion category. Apart from designs and concepts of new collections, color is another crucial element which should be closely watched in gem and jewelry industry.

Bankad Silver Jewelry: The Craft of Lanna

Handicrafts and handmade products are in continuing popularity today due to modern society's recognition of their exquisiteness unattainable by machines.

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