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China’s Rising Demand Offers New Opportunity for Thai Colored Stones

For over twenty years, diamond jewelry has dominated the Chinese market with increasing appreciation of its value and enormous popularity among Chinese consumers. Shops around the country offer diamond jewelry as their main product, while loose diamonds in various quality levels with certificates from leading international organizations are displayed to attract affluent Chinese consumers who gain steadily increasing purchase power. Today the same situation is happening to products in colored stone and colored stone jewelry category. Chinese consumers are fascinated by the beauty of various colors in different types of gemstones. Theyare willing to pay hundreds of thousandsor millions RMB to acquire these glittering high-quality stones. In short, China's colored stone market is stepping into the age of prosperity, and it is believed that this "Colored Stone Fever" should last in China for a long time.

The Magic of Thai Puzzle Ring

Gold jewelry has long been embedded in Thai culture as a symbol of prosperity, wealth and fortune. It is worn in daily lives to show the wearer's social status, as well as used in special occasions; for examples, as a gift for new Born or as a dowry in marriage. As a result, gold jewelry has become Thai consumers' first choice in jewelry. In the past, designs and manufacturing methods were different in each area depending on local traditions. However, a common feature of Thai gold jewelry could be found inits quality as all products were handmade by expert goldsmiths. Today, many manufacturers use machines in their process, but unique manufacturing techniques are still preserved in many local areas while modern designs have been developed to suit changing times.

Thailand’s Ruby & Sapphire, Sparkles of the World

Thailand has been known for a long decade as the world center in production and trading colored stones and also the most important market of gem corundums, particularly Ruby and Blue Sapphire – the most famous colored stones around the world. It has possessed high-level skill in gem cutting as well as enhancing the quality of colored stones with heat from the so-called "Heat Treatment of Gemstones"–the great wisdom of Thai gem and jewelry industry. Thailand's cut stones have attained widespread acceptance for international standard quality and are in high demand in the world market. Various colored stones from Thailand are exported to overseas with the value of nearly one thousand million US dollars a year. Today, Thailand becomes the world's largest manufacturer and exporter of Ruby and Sapphire.

Thai Silver Jewelry: A Shining Star in the Global Market

Most people often consider silver jewelry as accessory for casual wearing or informal occasions. In many international gem and jewelry markets, silver jewelry is categorized as fashion jewelry, being presented as affordable pieces in a separate display from gold and platinum jewelry. However, leading fashion markets, especially in the western world, have passed beyond the boundary of metal types and focused on manufacturing quality, design, and unique characteristics of each piece of jewelry instead. This trend can be seen in alarge variety of materials being used today, including steel, fish skin, animal bones and meteorites. These materials offer alternatives to high-quality natural diamonds and colored stones, which high-end manufacturers often use to add beauty and value in silver jewelry apart from its existing strengths in intricate designs and manufacturing techniques. Generally speaking, leading global brands' extension of product lines into silver jewelry is a way of breaking the wall which previously separated silver jewelry from high-end fine jewelry.

Phrae’s Gem Mines: Precious Gem Deposits of Thailand

Thailand has been widely known as a substantial source of various minerals, such as gold and gemstones, which are scattered all over the country. Though, deposits have been discovered in every region, the ones yielding such resources of good quality in high volume have been found in Chanthaburi, Kanchanaburi and Phrae.

Understand Ruby & Sapphire Heat Treatments

Gem-quality corundum, generally known as ruby and sapphire, is the second hardest gemstone following diamond. It is widely accepted in the gemstone market that gem-quality corundum is one of the most valuable precious stones that is available in a wide variety of color.

Bangkok’s Gem and Jewelry Trading Districts

Thailand is one of the world's most important manufacturing and trading centers for high quality gem and jewelry. A large amount of gemstones and precious metal from around the world are brought into its manufacturing process for value addition by the local industry.

Luxury Market Insights: Keeping Up with Gem and Jewelry Market Trends

Currently, the luxury goods sales value in global market is around USD 317 billion. It is constantly growing with an anticipation to reach USD 420 billion within 2018.

Thai Gem and Jewelry Industry Strengthens Its Competitiveness with Innovations to Face Crisis

Thailand's gem and jewelry industry has been one of the leading export manufacturing industries which continually bring in high revenue to the country. It is also considered one of several industries with strength and adaptability to overcome different obstacles and challenges, especially economic headwinds.

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